Sunday, 3 July 2011

Last Minute Nerves!

It's not just the bride who can suffer last minute nerves before the wedding day. Being a guest and choosing the right outfit is a BIG deal for us women! It's our chance to really enjoy dressing up and going to town on a gorgeous outfit. Planning often starts several months before, but it's not only fun choosing an outfit, it's nerve racking because it HAS to be right!

In our Dorset Lyme Regis shop (The Terrace) we have plenty of experience of this, not least because we're next to the Lyme Regis Guildhall where weddings take place most weeks. So, Saturdays are always enjoyable as we get to see a parade of outfits ... heels, hats, dresses and jackets ... and it always stops other visitors in their tracks as they outfit spot!

But finding that wedding or special occasion outfit can be a trauma, not least because you want to wear something that no-one else will be in (remember Kate and William's wedding and their three guests wearing the same dress).

Go to the high street and your chances of that happening are multiplied. So our advice is to find an individual boutique with designer labels that you can't find on the high street. Contrary to belief, it doesn't have to cost a fortune and could even cost you less than going to a department store for example.

Today, we sold several wedding outfits and it is always so enjoyable to help someone find an outfit in which they will feel confident and not least comfortable.

One combination we sold today, and I have to say our customer looked fantastic in it as it was perfectly suited to her figure, was the Darling Beatrice Dress (a simple short dress with long, full sleeves) with our Taupe jewelled shoes. No last minute nerves for her!