Thursday, 8 September 2011

Winter Dreams with Desigual

There is something fantastical about Desigual's fashion collections and the new 2011 Autumn Winter Desigual Dream collection on is no exception. Our first few styles have arrived with more due in September.

Desigual breaks the mold but Spain has always had its own distinctive fashion sense and that's why so many Spanish fashion labels appeal to us at loveithaveit. Whilst there is a very traditional side to Spain, traditional Spanish dress has always been flamboyant and colourful, reflecting the passionate Spanish culture. 

Since the 16th century Spain has been known for its fashion and elegance. The fabrics used for making traditional clothes were rich and heavy with embellishments in metallic threads and jewels. The Moorish culture was also a heavy influence, using rich embroidery and beadwork.

Modern day Spain is known for its modern art, cutting edge architectural designs and daring fashion labels. And Desigual fits into this with its strong modern identity, edgy design and aspirational appeal.

Loveithaveit took on the Desigual brand just as it was emerging in the UK and was one of the first to sell it online. It has grown from a brand that a well kept secret to one with a large international following. See our collection on and get an update when new collections come in by following us on Facebook or Twitter.